Sunday, 30 October 2016


One aspect of Introjection and Projection is the belief that our social interactions and experiences leave psychic traces and residues in our internal life/unconscious. These psychic traces colour and constantly reconstruct the psychic screen that we view the world around us through and thus affect our subsequent interpretations and experiences of that world. This process is ongoing- our internal life modified by our experience of the social; our experience of the external coloured by the residue of our social experiences (1).

This piece attempts to give expression to the above, when it is exhibited there will be an accompanying paint set so that the public can add to the colours building up on the visor thus giving physical expression to the affects of their social interactions.

(1) Redman, P. and Whitehouse-Hart, J. (2008) 'I just wanted her out': the psycho-social and media texts, in Redman, P. (2008) 'Attachments. Sociology and Social Worlds', Manchester University Press, Manchester and New York.

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