Sunday, 16 October 2016


This piece is the documenting of what could be called 'performance art'!
We are interconnected and inter-related our lives being affected, shaped and influenced by the decisions, choices and actions of people, structures and institutions we may never experience directly or even be aware of. The myth of the autonomous, independent individual is exactly that, a myth. We exercise our limited agency within structures and situations that are not of our making or choosing.
On 26/9/16 I stopped 9 people in London and asked them to take a photo of me thus deliberately introducing a 1 minute pause into their life, in effect hitting the 'Reset' button. Because of that intervention they would now be running 1 minute behind where they would have been; they would meet different people, see things differently, join queues at different points, catch different tubes and buses. They may now meet new best friends, future partners, who knows!
The piece is made up of the map I used on the day and each photo has an accompanying description of the photographer whose life has been reordered by the act of taking the photo.

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